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Web posted Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mrs. Smith goes to Washington
Lucy Adams

No doubt, the gentleman wondered what Mrs. Smith was doing in the private, men's lavatory in the White House China Room. No doubt, her unexpected intrusion made him very, very uncomfortable. No doubt, he suspected espionage, terrorism, or, worse, that she wanted to use the stall he currently occupied.

Mrs. Smith had good reason for being there - her daughter, Julia, made a wish. Julia has a rare and life-threatening blood disorder known as Glanzmann's Thrombasthenia. The Make-A-Wish Foundation contacted Julia's mother about granting Julia her heart's desire.

Mrs. Smith balked. First, she has not, does not, will not ever label Julia's illness terminal. In fact, she is certain a cure is imminent, and she, her own determined self, started the Glanzmann's Research Foundation to raise money to fund Dr. David Wilcox, a scientist seeking the cure.

Secondly, she didn't want to suffer Disney World, a common craving among Make-A-Wish kids. Like me, Mrs. Smith would rather eat a container of crickets than spend 10 minutes in Mickey Mouse's mayhem.

Julia surprised her mother. She requested to meet the president. She had some burning questions for him, such as Can you make yourself a sandwich in the middle of the night, or does someone else make it?, and Do Barney and Miss Beazley sleep in the bed with you and Mrs. Bush?, and Do you get to preview movies before anyone else?

Thus, the Make-A-Wish foundation arranged a Sept. 19 VIP visit with the leader of the free world.

That's how Mrs. Smith's family ended up in the White House Diplomatic Room with a butler serving them water from a silver tray. That's how Mrs. Smith nervously sipped several glasses, while awaiting the president's arrival. That's why their liaison conducted Mrs. Smith to the China Room gentlemen's facilities.

Mrs. Smith primped in the mirror (no self-respecting Southern woman would dare meet the president without her face on straight) thinking how odd that a place so grand and beautiful would have stinky old plumbing.

As she turned to push the stall open, and it didn't budge, she realized the nature of the situation. Accidentally, she spied, through the crack in the door, a man in the sitting position staring back at her. He never said a word in response to Mrs. Smith's profuse apologies she heaped upon him while skirting out to safety in the Diplomatic Room.

At long last, in walked President George W. Bush. He rubbed his hands together in excitement and hop-stepped straight to Julia. "I've been looking forward to meeting you," he warmly said, accompanying that with greetings for each of her family members. Mrs. Smith received a kiss on the cheek.

Mr. President, after turning and accepting an item from his personal aid, presented Julia with a handsome, silver bookmark engraved with the presidential seal. Unfortunately, Mrs. Smith had difficulty focusing on the exchange, because she felt strangely familiar with the president's assistant and got distracted trying to place his face...

...which took her right back to the China Room latrine. The president's personal aid is a boxer man!

No doubt he couldn't believe his bum luck. No doubt, he wished Mrs. Smith had been a threat to national security. No doubt, when recognition flitted between them, he wished he were lying in state in the rotunda.

For you inquisitive ones, yes, the president can make his own sandwich for a midnight nibble. Yes, Barney and Miss Beazley sleep in the bed with them, but also have their own west wing room. And yes, he gets to preview movies while snacking on his favorite - popcorn.

Lucy Adams is a Columbia County native and McDuffie County resident. Send comments to lucybgoosey at To find out more about the Glanzmann's Research Foundation and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, visit and

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