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Glanzmannís Thrombasthenia is a rare inherited blood clotting (coagulation) disorder characterized by the impaired function of specialized red blood cells (platelets) that are essential for proper blood clotting.† In effect the platelets do not stick together adequately causing prolonged bleeding even from minor injuries.† Symptoms of this disorder may include abnormal bleeding and/or hemorrhage.† The symptoms are not progressive and may improve with age.† However, prolonged untreated or unsuccessfully treated hemorrhaging associated with Glanzmannís Thrombasthenia may be life threatening.
Children experience bruising which can be painful at times.† Epistaxis (nose bleeds), bleeding in the mouth and gums, and menstrual bleeding can cause problems.
Platelet transfusions can be used in cases of serious bleeding.† However antibodies against platelets can develop as a result of such transfusions.

Proceeds benefit Glanzmannís Research

Foundation, Inc.