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We are all about kids having fun, jumping, sliding and playing in the best indoor playground you have ever seen. Kids come first and adults are a close second. Monkey Joe’s is also about keeping kids healthy. We make exercising fun -- rain or shine. Monkey Joe’s is the perfect place to come inside and still feel like your kids are getting all the fun of being outside.

 Thank you to our friends, Marissa & Daniel Dykstra, owners of the Augusta GA Monkey Joe’s and all the wonderful staff who worked so hard to make the ‘Jump for GT’ fundraiser an incredibly fun success! $615 was donated to the GRF! A special thanks goes out to everyone who came out to support
‘Jump for Julia’!       (Click here for a photo)

Sponsor for Glanzmann's Research Foundation Fund Raisers For The Last 3 Years. Thank You.

It’s Spooky To Be Hungry is a grassroots, all-volunteer, primarily neighbor-to-neighbor food drive which takes place throughout October, but primarily on or around the fourth weekend in October. We bring hundreds of adults and children together in fun, brief, significant, community-building volunteer work, as we help fight hunger and feed the needy.    Read more...

Women Bleed Too is a website located in the U.K. which aims to ensure that bleeding
disorders are a recognised condition among women, and that appropriate treatment and
support are available to all those diagnosed.

Preschool children have the highest rate of head injury, and among infants under one year these injuries accounted for 40 % of the total injuries treated in emergency rooms.

Read more about ThudGuard

MEDjet INTERNATIONAL, INC. is a worldwide air medical transport company with headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama. The company was a pioneer in the critical care transport industry. In 1983, under the original Jetco name, the company began operating the first civilian jet aircraft, equipped exclusively for medical transport, in the United States. When the privately owned company began worldwide operations in 1987, the company name was changed to MEDjet

CRYO-CELL International Inc.
America's Largest & Fastest growing U-Cord™ preservation company pioneering affordable cord blood stem cell storage.
One of the oldest sites on the net about GT
Submit pictures, stories & contacts to Helen Smith. See the contact page.

This is a non profit website. The goal of this site is to provide the general public, parents, loved ones, and the medical community with accurate information. All information is taken from sources believed to be reliable. No treatment of GT should be undertaken without medical supervision. Donations should be made to the Glanzmann's Research Foundation.
All donations are tax deductible

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