Chase's Story
Told by his mom, Shannon

Chase, born April 25th 2006 - has had a very hard life so far. Beautiful baby boy-so sweet.

From birth, he vomited both breast-milk and his formula up,so the doctor switched about 5 times and then the rectal bleeding started (at one month old). No one knew what was wrong with him - he just kept bleeding and bleeding. Transferred from one hospital to another. Finally we were sent to MUSC in Charleston (our guardian angels).


There he was diagnosed with bleeding ulcers and allergies to both milk and soy. After countless platelet and blood transfusions, a hematologist finally discovered he had GT.

I had no idea what that meant at the time. I was so happy to have an answer as we had been in the hospital for over a month. I did some research when we got back home and realized that we were in for a fight, one I didn't plan to lose.

One of the hardest parts to deal with is the constant stares and very often rude questions or remarks. One brazen lady even took a photo of him on her phone!

He has been in and out of the hospital for almost 5 months total in his short 21 month old life. He has severe asthma, acid reflux disease, been diagnosed with the severe form of GT, had brain surgery for hydrocephalus and chiari (almost lost him again). He has had countless bouts with infections (ear and skin), RSV, bronchitis and MANY nosebleeds and rectal bleeds.

I have just found out today that he has an inguinal hernia which must be operated on this coming week and I ask for everyone's prayers. I hope that a cure is found soon for our babies.

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