I am Muhammad Aslam from Rawalpindi Pakistan. I have four children. All of my children are G.T. Patient.

My whole married life is spent for struggling against the survival of my children.

Recently my younger son Ameer Humza, male age in above photo right to left 2nd is died due to large bleeding in stomach.

Some time ago I read about G.T. forum then I decide to tell about my children .This time I am feeling helpless.

My family.                      

Asad Aftab Male 17 year Collage Student

There is no any medicine for directly treatment for this disease accordingly my knowledge. Many times I have donated Blood for my children.

Every time I seeing blood at home, it is so much painful. You may feel this, my younger son every time try to block blood form his gums, some time from nose.

First time he was only 2 years old, large amount of blood bleed from his body. He is hospitalizes for many days.

Shahzaib Male 16 year Collage Student  

Ameer Humza Male 13 year died due to large bleeding from stomach


My 2nd son when he was 8 years old, due to an accident his teeth broken & so much bleed.

All above that, I thankful to those peoples who help me, like Dr.Samina Amanat . She is great women “Got bless her all her family”. I am also thankful, Dr.Rahman Sb. “God bless there family”


I think, Great those peoples, who are saving humans lives.

Helen & Kaytee you are great. Your work is so much, it is best forum.

I thankful to you if you give some space for my story. May it useful for me.

Muhammad Aslam
Rawalpindi Pakistan

Mahnoor Female 07 year School going   

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