Hey to u all... i am rubab asif from pakistan n i just joined this sister tuba is a GT patient... an adorable cute doll of 14 years.last week has been the toughest of my life... she suffered from massive bleeds n our doctors declared her condition 2 be very serious....

Helpless and heart wrenched i somehow found helen's number and called her.she told me about novo 7 and also gave me the number of her physician. We co ordinated and got her the medicine... after an ordeal of 1 week and two doses of novo 7... she is fine today


                    Tooba's sister, Rubab

Helen no words can express the grattitude i have in my heart for u... may u get everything in life u aspire for ...and may julia shine like a star....
thanx alot
n lots of lov for u and julia

hello kaytee...u dont know me but i have developed a bonding with most of the people in this forum within the last week....i made my sister read ur stories in the foundation's website...and guess what ur story provided her with hope that she will live in those helpless hours....
doctors applied a catheter into tuba's nose and throat with nasal packing...the day she was in operation theatre to get them removed and b applied the next packing

...her intense screams could be heard outside.with immense pain and in a semi conscious state she came out n said that i dont wanna live...i cannot tell u what went inside my heart

i wish i culd get all her pains...but all of a sudden she called the doctors n told them that i know that kaytee got novo 7 and she is living...she told them so convincingly that kaytee said in her story that novo 7 will save her....she said in a weak voice and in a semi conscious state that plz call kaytee and ask her 2 talk 2 my doc.

Children are so cute ...Tuba did not want to show doctors that she is so convinced just by reading your stories...she said...uncle kaytee and helen are my friends and they are asking me 2 get this medicine...
throughout thoz days she always said that she missed u and helen...
thanx for giving hope 2 her 2 fight ....a ray of light..

lots and lots of love...reagrd for kaytee and helen


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