Washington State, USA
As told by his mom, Sis

Wyatt was diagnosed with GT in September 2005, at 1 1/2. He he has had a rough time of it. He is a very happy and otherwise healthy boy.

He loves Lighting McQueen and Mater from Cars, and his all time favorite thing is the destruction derby. If its an outdoor activity he is all for it. Wyatt loves gocarts, derby cars, tractors, riding his bike, baseball, soccer, and football. While Wyatt has had a difficult time in his short life, he lives it to the fullest. We do not limit what he does because if his time here is short we want to make sure that he has been able to do what he wanted to do.

Over the last year he has had massive nose bleeds during the night, with all the usual precautions, which have lead to lots of blood transfusions and platelets as of late.

In October of 2007, he was in the hospital for most of the month at which time our doctor ran an antibodies test.

That test came back positive, Wyatt is now immune to the factor and we are pretty sure the Amicar. We have done the formal donor search and had 1 possible donor in Europe. That test came back the day after Christmas as not a close enough match. We are awaiting a meeting with the donor program to see where we are going from here. Wyatt has been put at high risk because the doctors are afraid that if he does have a bleed that they will not be able to stop it.

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