Isaac in Oregon, USA

My name is Isaac Newman. I am 21 years old, and was diagnosed with GT (what a cool abbreviation, whoever thought of that needs a high-five!) at approx. 6 months upon circumcision. I have had 2 right ankle surgeries, and my right ankle is now fused. I also recently had an operation in which they positioned platinum stents across some of the major vessels to my nose to slow blood flow, thereby decreasing blood loss during a bleed. This operation has been a blessing! Though there were some complications immediately following the procedure, I have since had only one bleed that took me into the hospital, and this has been nearly 5 years! Exciting!

However, I have been suffering from depression of sorts, and for a time turned to alcohol. Let me be the first to say that THIS IS RIDICULOUS! For anyone with a bleeding disorder to further thin their blood with as silly a substance as alcohol is, quite literally, self-destructive and selfish.

I am now, however, in Oregon and working a 12-step program known to the world as A.A. I would like all GT patients to understand that LIFE IS GREAT IF YOU MAKE IT GREAT! When I checked into detox, my blood pressure was an astonishing 195/107. It is now down to 140/82 on average, and will continue to decrease.

I wish to carry hope to those GT patients who have had tough times… it's not worth furthering your physical or mental suffering through drug or alcohol use. By the grace of God, those of us that are still on His earth shall live happy and extraordinary lives. If anyone should wish to contact me, the best way is through Myspace, just search for the username Tayloraxe. God bless those of you who are fighting for a cure or even just offering support for guys and gals like me… one day, when I'm stable enough, I will give back to this community.

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