Hello everyone,
My name is Lisa, i am 35 yrs old, born in ohio and was diagnosed with glanzmanns at age 13. My mother only carried me for 6 months and went into unstoppable labor. At birth i had spit up some old blood, the dr. didn't pay too much attention thought that i'd just swallowed something prior to birth. About 3-4 hours later i spit up some bright red blood, the nurses called the dr. and he returned to the hospital, did some blood work, called children's hospital and we assume he was speaking to a hemotologist. Within another 3-4 hours i was being transported to children's hospital in cincinnati,ohio. Upon arrival, iv's were placed in my head and more extensive blood work was being done.

There was another couple episodes over the next few days of me spitting up bright red blood, after a week or so with no more episodes they sent me home with my mom.

At 3-4 months of age i broke out with peticiki(spelled wrong) all over, i was taken back to children's hospital. They couldn't find nothing wrong so was sent home again. At 6-7 months of age more bruises were present than that of a normal toddler. At 13 months old i fell down 3 steps and had a mild concussion, was taken to children's hospital, they did a bleeding time and found it was longer than usual but sent me back home. At 16 months old i was chewing on my feet,lol, cut my tounge on toenail, had a massive clot the size of a large coffee mug on end of my tounge, was taken to children's hospital for several days.

No more major upsets till i was 3 yrs. old and the nosebleeds began,also was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia and treated with iron ever since then, was taken back to children's hospital and was seen by a hemoltologist from england that was in town for a convention, he found everything to be undetermined but knew there was something serious wrong. Had several massive nose bleeds and was diagnosed with "thrombosidapathia".

At age 5, the worst nose bleed, had to have multiple red cell transfusions and a complete blood exchange and also several platelet transfusions. Ultimately until i was 13 yrs old, they really didn't know. I had the septrum removed from my nose to stop the nose bleeds, but didn't stop them.

At age 13, i had massive bleeding from my menstrual cycles, was treated with birth control pills and the periods became normal. Always had gum bleeding through these times as well.

At age 24, i began having panic attacks, and was dignosed with panic disorder and depression which triggered GI bleeds. I was having GI bleeding about 7-11 times a year and would be treated with red cell and platelet transfusions. I was put on nerve meds and antidepressants and also prevacid. I still take nerve meds and the prevacid and have only had 4 GI bleeds in last 2 and a half years.

It was very comforting to find this site and see others like myself, we are a rare breed!,,lol. Good luck to everyone and hope to become acquainted with some or all of you.

All My Best,



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