Zhang Ting Yu

I would like to share my story with others. As to my Chinese remedies, it is too difficult for me to explain. However there is one thing I am sure, the buffalo's horns help to stop bleeding. Cook some horn shavings with water for an hour and drink the water twice a day. As to the reason why itworks, it is hard to explain in English because Chinese medication is totally different from western's. This disease is so rare that I can hardly find anyone else, without the Internet, who has the same disease. Now, through this website, I can find some persons to talk with about GT so that I am less lonely.
Thank you,

Zhang Ting Yu


My name is Zhang Ting Yu. I am a 21-year-old girl from Shanghai, China, who have GT. My parents are recessive gene carriers. I have a younger brother, who, fortunately, does not have GT. When I was younger than one year old, my parents found that I had a lot of bruises on my legs. What is more, my nose was always breeding. They took me to a hospital which specialized in blood diseases.The platelet count test was normal but the platelet aggregation was poor. I was diagnosed with GT at the age of 10, after I had been in hospital for one-month-long blood tests.


When I was eleven, I began to try Chinese traditional medical herbs, which are surprinsingly effective. My nose stopped breeding. Although I still have some problems about my periods, my symptom of GT is much lighter now. I take norethisterone tablets when my periods last too long, which does not happen very often.

I am glad to find this website. I would like to share my story with others. I hope, through this website, we can get more knowledge about GT and help each other.


Zhang Ting Yu

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